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Boards have grids plus day boxes no tags included   These are Non-Magnetic  for magnetic see CB kits

Modular Calendar Board Kits

• Modular Design for Easy Updating at the End of Each Month
• Routed edges and rounded corners on 1/8" HB Substrate
• Rotating Design Permits a Perpetual Planning System
both portrait and Landscape style

Modular system is the most efficient way to manage month by month planning. Rotating boards keep the calendar current and in sequence with minimal effort. Just remove the left-side board at the end of the month and slide the others to the left. Then put the out-of-date board back in the system at the right and set up for the following month.

Mounting Track for Modular Boards (sold separately)

Sturdy aluminum tracks are sold by the linear foot. Add widths of all board modules ordered to deter­mine length of track needed. EXAMPLE: Three 18” modules total 54” of board width. Order 4 1/2’ of mounting track. (This includes both top and bottom tracks 4 1/2’ long each.)

Important Note:  Mounting tracks for modular calendar board kits sold separately.
Item # MT-75 - $11.50 per linear foot
(an order for 1 ft gets you two one ft sections one for top and one for bottom
These basic boards do not come with any markers.
they are not magnetic but are top quality dry-erase
There is no frame.
-Sold by number of individual boards needed-

Item Number type
Board Size
H x W
Big Date Box
Vert x horiz
date box
Vert x horiz
Rows Column List
per board
CGWP-2318 Portrait 23" x 18" 4-1/4"x 2-5/8" 3/4"x1-1/4" 7 5 +1/2 $44 1
CGWP-2318 Portrait 23" x 18" "   7 5 +1/2 $41 2-6
CGWP-2318 Portrait 23" x 18" " 7 5 +1/2 $39 7-12
CGWL-1823-4 Landscape 18" x 23" 3-3/8" by 3-3/8" 3/4" x 1-1/4" $44 1
CGWL-1823-6 Landscape 18" x 23" " $41 2-6
CGWL-1823-12 Landscape 18" x 23" " $39 7-12
MT-75 Priced per foot $11.50
Custom Sizes Available just call
Blanks in stock 18 x 23 or 23 x 18 plain 1/8" HB blanks w/ rounded corners/routed $19.50
See Small Hardboard Printed Boards for more info on printed pieces of various sizes

For Fancier Magnetic Planner see MV-CB      for customs see Blanks