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#439 Marker Tray
replaces Polyvision #50
and a close substitute for
MACT1-1 or ACT1 trays

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439 cast end cap


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Pieces are 24 ft long extrusions and ship via truck
If want it cut into smaller pieces its $4.80 per 24 footer

Lead time 24-28 hours from Ohio
Lit Prices Below - Packaging charge will apply- ask for quote
Series 439 is 2nd best (will not take MET02 plastic end caps)
we suggest IND-4 see comparison
        see 439
in Extrusions
Series 439 Marker Tray $5.94 per ft        
Clip for 439
Marker Tray
$0.50 each        
Cast End Cap Set $18 w/o leg / pr $12 w/ return leg/ pr      
Mullion #489 $1.96 per ft Snap-on 1-3/4" Mullion Great for covering edge of dry erase wallpaper    
facing clips for #489 $.46 for Mullion #489      


MACT1-01 is slightly different than our #439 tray
The plastic end caps(pn MET02) for the MACT1-01 do not work in our #439
Note the Polyvision #50 is no longer sold by Polyvision => use the #439

#439 Flush Mount Chalktray

Mullion #489