Changeable Combo-Snap Frame Boards
New design that is so Affordable - Available 9/15/2020
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Also see Snap Frames

Fixed Combo Boards


This Snap frame design is for those that need a great value in a good looking changeable board that has a bulletin board in it.
Cork options from 1/32" to 1/8"
Size larger than 18x24 may not work with this design


18x24 version
with 18"x12" cork and 18"x12" image
Positive features
Graphic inset can be changed and modified.
Lens cover is disinfectant resistant non-ghosting.
Damaged lens cover or cark easily replaced.
Easily mount with 4 screws
Snap Frame available in many colors
Lens cover width covers cork to insert seam nicely
Cork sections can be from 3" to 12"


Negative features:
This design relies on the pushpins making holes in the sheetrock