Styrene Screen Printed with Clear Dry Erase Film Overlay


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Styrene Printed with Clear Dry Erase Film Overlay

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2 Color Screen Printed Styrene with Clear Film Overlay
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This price for .060" Styrene base

Quantity Size Price each Lot price
1,000 18" x 24" $6.12 $6,120
Styrene is a fairly rigid plastic that is can be clear or white and is used for modelmaking, as a glass substitute, can be molded when heated.  styrene sheet ideal for shower doors, indoor/outdoor furniture and displays.


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  "HIPS" sheet is a thermoplastic, produced from Styrene monomers and various impact modifiers. It is available with a matt or high gloss surface. Excellent forming characteristics make it an ideal choice for vacuum forming, packaging and screen printing applications.

Product range:
City Plastics carry a variety of standard sheet sizes and thicknesses, with an option of custom made sizes and colours available, which are subject to minimum order quantities.
Ex stock colours include black and whites in the standard finish of high gloss one side and matt the other. Special colours, surface finishes and UV additives are available, which are subject to a minimum order quantity.

Product features:
Excellent thermoforming characteristics, good impact strength, approved - food safe, good rigidity and low temperature toughness, excellent printability.

Typical applications:
Graphic arts, signs, packaging, cutlery trays, take away food containers, margarine tubs, cups and lids, point of sale displays.

Cutting & Guillotining: A circular saw blade with carbide teeth utilising the triple chip tooth design is preferred for thicker gauges. Laser cutting and routing are also successful. Other suitable methods for cutting Styrene sheet include guillotining and punching. Guillotining produces straight-edged cuts, while blanking dies and punches can produce a wide variety of shapes.
Drilling: For drilling, use conventional drill bits with the standard drill angles and a negative rake.
Forming: High impact polystyrene can be thermoformed using typical strip heating and vacuum forming equipment. No pre drying of the material is required.
Decorating: High impact polystyrene can be screen-printed using inks specifically formulated for HIPS. Vinyl graphics can also be applied using typical application methods.
Cementing: High impact polystyrene can be successfully bonded using Weldon 3 and 16.

Typical properties of HIPS

ASTM test Property Value
D792 Specific gravity 1.05
D1238 Melt flow index 4(200C)
D570 Water absorption, 24 hours, 3.0 mm thick (%) 0.1
C Maximum service temp +70
C Minimum service temp -50
D638 Tensile strength at yield N/mm2 30
D638 Elongation at yield(%) 3
D638 Tensile strength at break N/mm2 35
D638 Elongation at break(%) 40
  Impact strength mj/mm2 no break
D256 Notched impact strength mj/mm2 8
  Ball indentation hardness N/mm2 80
D790 Flexural strength N/mm2 52
D638 Modulus of elasticity N/mm2 2100
C177 Thermal conductivity at 20C 0.17
D696 Coefficient of thermal expansion K-1.10-4 0.9
D648 Deflection temperature C 89
D1525 Vicat softening temperature C 89
D257 Volume resistivity (ohm-cm) 10.16
D257 Surface resistancy ohm 10.13
D150 Dielectric constant At 1kHz 2.5
D150 Dissipation loss factor At 1kHz 0.0001
  Welding temperature C 220
  Forming temperature C 150

These values are representative of those obtained under standard ASTM conditions and should not be used to design parts which function under different conditions