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Catalog # Size    No min order on Indoff Equals 
Quartet P/N Wide  x High List Price 10/04 Indoff Equal pcs/per UPS
Dark brown         UPS
MC25 1" high x 2" long discontinued C1X2 25 UPS
MC26 1" high x 6" long  discontinued C1X6 25 UPS
MC255 1/2" high x 2" long  discontinued C.5X2 25 UPS
MC265 1/2" x 6" long discontinued C.5X4 is 4"
25 UPS
MC265 1/2" x 6" long discontinued
C.5X12 is 12" cutable
25 UPS
White labels  the Indoff Labels come in 20 Sheets per pack- can order just one pack
they also are available in various lengths see two links above
DC535 1/2" white discontinued SL035x2  by 2" long $5.95 1 UPS
DC51 1" x 2" white discontinued SL065x2  by 2" long discontinued 1 UPS
Pastels -Colors 
DC545 1/2" discontinued The SL series labels are sold in packs of 20 Sheets at $5.95 per pack
each pack is all of its color.....
the colors available are 
White, yellow, lime, blue, salmon, gray, pink, red, gold
DC54  1" discontinued
DC52 1" x 2" discontinued
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