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Pearlcoat Product is  discontinued => for a clear film that is high gloss see DaPlus

For a Projectable and dry Erase Surface see 
Projectable surfaces that are also Dry-Erasable



MarkaFilm-LG with PearlCoat
We have tentative pricing on MarkaFilm-LG with PearlCoat at $4.00 per sq ft retail pricing.   Please note that there are substantial discounts for manufacturers.   Our goal is to build up volume and get pricing the levels noted below.    Priced noted are retail without dealer or OEM discounts applied.    Call All Hutton at ext. 111 for Dealer and OEM discount information and Samples.

Based on 5 mill polyester film with PearlCoat surface and PSA adhesive & release paper.
Estimates done 9/05    Master roll 4.000 ft by 4'

Price on 5 mil DuPont Melinex without adhesive will probably be in the same range 1/06 update

volume levels retail sell based on sq ft year produced # of master/Rolls Retail Price / sq ft  
less than 1 million sq/ft year 5 $4.00  
1 million sq/ft year 50 $2.50  
2 million sq/ft year 100 $2.10  
3 million sq/ft year 150 $1.80  
4 million sq/ft year 200 $1.60  
5 million sq/ft year 250 $1.50