Technical Aspects of MarkaFilm-LG/PearlCoat


Product discontinued for a clear film that is high gloss see DaPlus

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Indoff  selling Nationwide
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Color: Semi-Transparent PearlCoat over 2 mil white Polyester Film

PSA: Run 1 has an acrylic PSA applied to most of run-   some material is unbacked

Gloss:  less than  40 @ 60 - see run information for actual gloss


PearlCoat film provides a long lasting, scratch resistant solution that rivals any dry erase product available. But what sets this coating apart is its low gloss (< 40 @ 60) surface. Not only does this feature significantly improve the viewing and readability of dry erase markers, but it also allows the markerboard to serve as a projection screen.

Run #2 done 12/05 on a polyester Dupont Melinex 339 56" wide


Screen printing on Dupont Melinex
Both, the white polyester (Melinex 339) and the clear (Melinex 454) film are screen printable on either side


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