PSA or Plain backing options on PearlCoat
Product discontinued for a clear film that is high gloss see DaPlus

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PearlCoat can be applied to a variety of surfaces.   Our focus in 2005 is to market PearlCoat as MarkaFilm-LG (on a flexible ?? backer film with both PSA and bare versions
 It can be supplied with a PSA back or you can do your own lamination.
Adhesive adhesion:
Run 2 was done on Dupont Melinex #339 .005 thick polyester film with no adhesive.  If you are planning on adding an adhesive to the Melinex 339  be aware that it has a coating so that adhesives will stick.  Many polyesters are not coated and it is very difficult to get adhesives to grab.  So if you are testing films for adhesion make sure it is coated or is Melinex 339 to match our run #2 .
the backer can also be a clear film => Clear PearlCoat