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Product discontinued for a clear film that is high gloss see DaPlus

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Indoff Specializes in Dry erase Surface and is madly working on a proprietary matt finish dry erase plastic film for OEM's and commercial application.

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How long has PearlCoat been around?
      Developed in 2004 and 2005 the the first large scale production run was successfully completed in June of 2005.

What Widths are available ?
      Current Converter can take up to 54" web width?

Color of PearlCoat ?
     PearlCoat is a semi-transparent liquid that normally is applied to white films but can be applied to clear film.   Clarity is pretty good on the clear film but the low matt finish causes some haziness.   Only small lab drawn samples are available presently on the clear.   If you have a strong need we can discuss the development process needed to speed up the process of doing a optically clear system.

What films can be coated with PearlCoat ?
      We presently are producing our MarkaFilm-LG using a 2 mil white polyester.    We expect apply PearlCoat to other thin films in the future based on demand.    Our current focus is on lowering the cost and perfecting the polyester film product.

Beading of Markers (wetability).   This is mostly caused by static electricity and any noticeable issues go away after cleaning and one or two use cycles