The Plus M12S-series has all the features you could want in a Copyboard

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Wall Mount with Optional Printer



The M12S for $1,995 selling for $1,500

Freight $150

Printer   $175
Memory Stick USB $50

factory brochure M11 Series

44-180 stand for above $200

M10S and W both have wall mounting brackets included
but memory card is extra.

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Indoff  selling Nationwide
860-632-2028 Fax

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Quick Facts
Writing Panels: 2
Writing Area: 50"w x 35"h
Paper Type: Plain Paper
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M-Series Copyboards
  • Standard Panel Model: Has 2 writing surfaces and a size of 51.2" x 36.2"
  • Erase Reminder increases information security: Before powering off, the Copyboard scrolls back to remind you to erase if written information is left of the backside of the board
  • Secure Your Information: Optional Security for USB & PC connections and Reprint
  • Three File Formats: PDF, JPEG and PNG compatible
  • Header & Footer adds your information to every print: Turn your printouts into Powerful Sales Tools!
  • Plug and Play Function: Automatic detection of the connected Copyboard
  • Color Mode Restriction: Disables color prints to cut color ink costs. Only monochrome prints are available in this mode
  • User Firmware Upgrade: End users can easily download the latest firmware to their PC and install it on their Copyboard
  • Environmentally friendly: Current Consumption has been reduced to 1/6 and For Environmental (and cost-saving) reasons, the new models have a B&W only option
  • Cable Management and AC adapter box: With the newly designed stand, the cables and AC adapter box are hidden resulting in a cleaner look
  • High Resolution Scan Size is supported: High Resolution Scan Size results in a larger saved digital image size


M-12S Description


The PLUS M-12S boosts meeting productivity in a speedy, secure and comfortable fashion, invigorating presentations and adding value to any presentation in which a projected image is discussed. The audience can concentrate on the meeting while the presenter adds notes and comments directly over the projected image, to then be saved together in one file. The M-12S has added improvements including security enhancements, increased printing options, the ability to include a header and footer, and much more.