This Page will explain the general functionality of different type of boards.
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Let us help you find the best Electronic Copyboard or Interactive Board for your application from simply making a copy to interacting with your PC and a LCD projector.

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The decision you need to make is do you need simple standalone "Copyboard" or
do your needs run to an Interactive (PC Required) complicated PC Interactive Unit
The Simple Standalone Copyboards do the following........ 
Think Snap Shot since they capture what is on board like a camera- they do not see every letter you write as you write it.   you must take the Snapshot to capture what's on the board.
     They do NOT control the PC when connected to one
     They do not need a PC or a printer connected to the PC to get a hard copy
     They do print out copies on plain or thermal paper (depending on model) from built in printer
     Most units also allow you to output the Snapshot to a PC via serial or USB or memory stick.
     Once PC has image you can email it or print it out.
     CopyCam is unique in it can actually capture PowerPoint slides and changes to slide see Images
     Some units output image in black and white to PC and some send a color image.   If this is important to you (color) please mention it.
     These are great for no fuss copies for all in the office without training or hardware needed.

The standalones use either scanners or cameras to read the board in one shot.............
                  Plus M is the best of the best - check it out first
Plus M   prints in color,  No PC required color printer(not included), Compact Flash to transfer to PC
CopyCam    Unique fixed unit copies up to 4' x 8' print in color and built in web server
KX-BP800 Panaboard   Its  Interactive but has basic copyboard functions also built in printer
Thermal KX-B630 Panaboard    4 panel thermal
Plain Paper KX-B735 Panaboard  4 panel plain paper
UB Panaboard  2-panel units with thermal and plain paper

The Interactive Boards (PC Required to copy save or project image) do the following  Think Real Time
     They need a PC to store images
     They need a Printer hooked up to the PC to get a hard copy
     They can work with Net-meeting to share work in real time to.
     They Control the PC when in interactive mode with LCD projector thrown in.
     If 90% of your use is just getting copies and you do not have a dedicated PC that's there and ready you probably want a Simple Standalone Copy board.
     The Interactive units are great as PC training tools when used with a LCD projector and PC, you can project onto board and run the PC from the board.

Interactive PC's use various technologies or combinations of touch sensitive surfaces, infra-red,
ultra-sound and laser light.     The best of the Interactive is the TeamBoard by Egan

  TeamBoard   PoinTech    Ideashare    Webster-TSSurface   eBeam Model   KX-BP800 Panaboard

Panasonic has one model that is and Interactive unit but has a built in printer see KX-BP800 Panaboard
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