Panaboards sold nationwide Panasonic is a leader in electronic white board technology. Our print boards are designed to enhance your presentation and provide maximum performance. Panaboards are available in a variety of configurations to meet your specific needs, and have become synonymous with reliability and affordability. Take a minute to see which Panaboards fits your needs.

Panasonic Panaboards are Copyboards with either color or thermal printers
Panaboard by Panasonic

Indoff  selling Nationwide
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Panaboards can be quoted but
Indoff-CT CT specializes in the
Plus Copyboards

Ordering and General Details
1-3 unit orders will have trucking cost from Chicago added to invoice
Four to six unit orders Qualify for free freight.........
 Panaboard Supplies and Accessories  We have great prices on the transfer film used in the the plain paper units.  Call us for quantity pricing


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