See below for a complete display of hospital boards Indoff has created for Kindred Hospital.
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Board sizes are listed but they can be changed to fit your needs.

A6876 24x16 Tarrant County - Fort Worth Southwest

A6850 Bay Area Tampa

A6779 18x24 Tarrant County - Fort Worth Southwest

A6086 20x30 Northeast - Stoughton

A6080 20x30 Northeast - Natick

A5753 30x20 Bay Area- St. Petersburg

A5736 24x18 Arlington

A5656 24x18 Baytown

A5630 24x18 Philadelphia

A5581 24x18 East Houston

A5580 24x18 East Houston

A5567 24x18 Havertown

A5564 24x18 Wyoming Valley

A5560 18x24 Rancho

A5542 36x24 Wyoming Valley

A5443 24x18 Clearlake

A5442 24x18 Clearlake

A5249 24x18 Indianapolis

A3525 24x36 New Orleans

A2195 24x18 New Orleans

A2193 24x18 New Orleans

A1513 24x18 Houston

A1470 24x18 Hoston Northwest

A1126 24x18 Indianapolis

A1116 24x18 Bay Area