See below for a complete display of hospital boards Indoff has created for Centura HealthSystem.
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Board sizes are listed but they can be changed to fit your needs.

A6423 St. Anthony's Summit Medical Center

A6111 Parker Adventist Hospital

A6002 Parker Adventist Hospital

A6001 Parker Adventist Hospital

A5219 St. Anthony's Hospital North

A4642 Parker Adventist Hospital

A4237 St. Anthony's Summit Medical Center

A2972 Parker Adventist Hospital

A2291 St. Anthony's Hospital North

A2081 Parker Adventist Hospital

A2031 Avista Adventist Hospital

A1898 St. Anthony's Hospital Central

A1620 St. Thomas More Hospital

A1495 Parker Adventist Hospital

A1185 St. Anthony's Summit Medical Center

A1123 St. Anthony's Hospital North

A1121 St. Anthony's Hospital North

A1118 St. Anthony's Hospital North

A1070 St. Anthony's Hospital Central