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Electronic Copyboards in Conference Room Cabinets
M10 board w optional printer






The world's only copyboard with a built-in memory card slot is here! the
Plus  M-Series   Our Best seller the Plus and it prints in COLOR
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E-Beam technoloy with Quartet Ideashare






ebeam  technology in complete boards
Quartet Ideashare Electonic Boards

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PLUS PC CopyBoards full line

Plus Interactive and Basic Copyboards both color and thermal - Pointech - with the new Plus M Series.  
Year-end Special - Free Freight on M10W's


Claridge E-Beam Electronic Copyboard
   Claridge marketed eBeam Model
Quartet Ovonics Copyboards
Direct Replacements
Ovonics by Quartet

Webster has a full Range of Touch Sensitive PC copyboards plus the Unique CopyCAMWebster Electronic CopyBoards Interactive
  presents the
Panaboard with Both Thermal and
Plain Paper Copyboards