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Hot new option*****

Removable Whiteboard over Existing Steel Chalkboard

How do we do it?

we send you Polyvision P3 skins without backing and ship you 24" wide rolls of self adhesive 30 mil magnetic tape.   You place the magnetic tape on the back of the P3 skin so its fully covered and then place the magnetic backed erasable P3 whiteboard assembly over your existing steel (must be steel style) chalkboard.    If you want the the use of the chalkboard back just PEEL off the magnetic backed erasable P3 whiteboard assembly and you are back to your old chalkboard

Experience - we have just done a 28 piece order for ChesterBrook Elementary School in VA of  44" by 8' units.   We have also supplied one of our AV dealers 3 different jobs where they have given both business and schools convertible boards

Note this could also reversed and we could put a removable P3 chalkboard over a steel whiteboard!!!!!

Make your board Dual purpose, multi-use

Cost depends on location (for freight) variance form 4' by 8' size and quantity
but a rough range would be between  $235 to $350 per board

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