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We sell whiteboard skins that are either 24 or 28 gauge porcelainized steel that can be cut to size.  These are made by both Claridge and Polyvision.  They are glued onto the old chalkboard surface with liquid nails.

We also sell the MarkaWall Vinyl Wallpaper that can be glued on easily and cut with scissors.

Quartet also offers their Total Erase surface in sheets.  More Expensive than porcelain over steel

Porcelain Steel Costs depends on location (for freight) and  quantity shipped at one time but for a starting budget in a 4' x 8' size use  $192 for lots of units up to $300 for a single skin.

MarkaWall can get you a 4 x 8 piece delivered for one board in the range of $130

see   Price Example converting chalk to dry-erase

For Damaged surfaces see Uneven

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