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** a dead product since we could not get large enought orders to start production 
-- for a film both clear and white see Projectable Dry Erase

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Indoff Specializes in Dry erase Surfaces and is proud to announce the production ready status of PearlCoat a
Projectable dry erase surface

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(860)-632-2026 x 111
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For a medium high gloss .008 film 48" wide see DryApPlus new as of 1/07

Clear PearlCoat

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What is PearlCoat!

A newly developed surface coating from Adma Technologies, Inc. that has excellent dry erase characteristics along with a very low matt Projectable surface.    Developed specifically to address the desire of academics and business people to do a PowerPoint presentation that they can comment on,  along with having a superior projection screen and an excellent dry erase board all in one.   

We currently have our MarkaFilm-LG version available for full evaluation see Samples.   We see current applications to be  for those requiring a superior projection surface at a reasonable price.    Our long term goal is to lower our price (with increased volume) so that PearlCoat will be available at a lower cost than premium dry erase surfaces but offer better erasability and unmatched project ability .

We are looking for OEM's, innovative designers, architects, contractors and manufacturers to join us in making whiteboards truly multi-purpose. 

Contact person is Allen Hutton at ext. 111

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