Glass Boards Magnetic - White - Pass Through Standoff Mount

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All Arcon boards take magnets and are white and have pass through standoffs
All have tempered glass and a 5 year warrantee

Trays if included are glass and mount on wall.

Special Introduction prices below
Model Size Thickness Wall Tray wt List Sell $    
AW-GWB1236-W 12x36 4mm-1/8" no   $130 $78    
AW-GWB2436-W 24x36 4mm-1/8" no   $163 $98    
AW-GWB3648-W 36x48 4mm-1/8" yes   $340 $204    
AW-GWB4872-W 48x72 4mm-1/8" yes   $700 $420    
AW-GWB4896-W 48x96 5mm=3/16 yes   $897 $540    


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