Ceramic Skins to Butt Match on Walls FSLCS3

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Sheared for more info

Butt Matched Ceramic Steel Skins in project able FSLCS3 Low Gloss.
(referred to as skins when there is no wood backing and frame.  you just get the steel with the ceramic coating on the one side) can be used to make a full wall to wall installation

if order 200 sq ft  or more at a time there is no skid charge
FOB Texas and will usually be on truck in 48 hours

Custom laser cutting of these pieces  must come from factory in Arkansas and takes 4 weeks.  each cut approximately $1.50 per ft
Tolerance on Claridge Laser Cut is +/- .005"

Material is $6.85 per sq ft or  Dealer Discounts will apply

$164 per 4x6 in stock
$218 per 4x8 in stock
$274 per 4x10 in stock 

 just glue to your wall

Must be shipped by truck material weight 1 lb sq ft

Pricing effective 4/11/2013

This is a great way to get a magnetic receptive project able dry erase wall with barely visible seams that has a 50 year warrantee and is virtually indestructible.
Panels can be field cut but cut edge will most certainly need to be covered.
Click image for large picture not cut- standard edge
These work great when applied directly to walls
Adhesive an installation   

We are now selling our #18 Adhesive by Helmetin for gluing face sheets
direct-to-wall. This product must be troweled on with 1/8" tooth trowel. On
the positive side, it allows the face sheet to be moved slightly once in
position (Sheet #2 can be tapped into place to get tight joints). Because of
this, the face sheet must be held in place with screws or nails until the
glue sets (if our #272A perimeter trim is used, clips to hold on trim can be
screwed through the sheet thereby holding it in place). Also, because the
product is water based, it can be used in occupied spaces. Because the
product must be troweled on, installation take longer than if contact cement
were used.  LIST price per gallon is $120.00 which covers approximately 100 sf
 (depending on wall conditions). We stock this in Dallas.
Our MW1 now includes Helmetin in the price per square foot
of $14.00 LIST (compared to price of LCS face sheet at $10.82/sf LIST).

Contact adhesives that I have had experience with include WilsonArt 800
(spray) or 500 (roll on) and NorthStar. Contact cement allows for faster
installation, but once the face sheet hits the wall, it cannot be moved.
These products are recommended for use by experienced installers. Because
they are petroleum based, they cannot be used in an occupied space. These
products can be sourced from local industrial supply selling plastic
laminate for countertops and millwork.

3/3/201    Call Allen at X 111 to discuss.