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See below for a complete display of hospital boards Indoff has created for Covenant Health.


**Please reference the number below each image- not above.**

Board sizes are listed but can be changed to fit your needs.

For a full size print out of any of the layouts listed below, just ask!

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A7811  24x36

A7684  18x24 Antepartum

A7576  Grey Nuns Maternity Unit  18x24

Grey Nuns A6765   36x24

Misericordia Hospital  A6548  24x36

Grey Nuns A6546   24x36


Grey Nuns A6525  36x24

Misericordia Hospital  A6524 36x24

Grey Nuns   A6394    24x36


Grey Nuns A6393   36x24

Misericordia Hospital A6358   36x24

Misericordia Hospital  A6357  24x36