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Mobile Display Panels - sizes 78" by 50" & 78" x 38"
These new dividers by Best -Rite are ideal for information centers, art display or temporary partitions. The panels are made of colored vinyl or hook and loop fabric over " insulation board and framed in anodized aluminum. These dividers feature a unique locking system with hinges placed on top and bottom of leg allowing panels to be aligned in different positions and angles.
A set of caster legs is available to use
     panels individually. (Sold separately)
Easy to store. Easy to store.

Caster legs provide convenient
     room - to - room mobility.
Easy to store.
Art centers are now mobile and economical!
Choose from hook & loop or vinyl colors.

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Standard Dividers & Display Panels - sizes 55" by 40"

A smaller and compact version, these panels are 55"h by 40"w. Ideal for early childhood use, these dividers comes with an interlocking flat leg. The legs allow panels to be securely locked to each other without the need of hinges. This leg easily slides on and provides panels with extra - stability.
Easy to store.
Art centers have never been so
Ideal for early childhood use!

Inter-locking leg.
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Deluxe Room Dividers

Room Dividers are easily moveable on
     2 casters, 2 locking, 2 non-locking.
Frames are of heavy 1/8" wall thickness
     anodized aluminum tubing.
Steel legs.
Braces for rigidity and durability.
Divider height is 72 inches.
Factory framed in anodized aluminum trim.
Available in Porcelain steel markerboard, Mark - Rite markerboard, natural cork and vinyl
     covered tackboards in several combinations. Please check prices and sizes for details.
The Best Rite leg can easily slip into place side-by-side for convenient storage.
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Add a Panel

Artwork, posters, papers and pictures can
     Quickly and easily be displayed .
Additional panels may be added as needed.
Double sided aluminum framed panels.
Connected by pivot hinges.
Custom boards available with marker panels.
Wide variety of colors (see vinyl and fabric
     tackboard colors).
Two sizes : 3'wide by 4' high or 3' wide by 5'high.
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Deluxe Aluminum Series DAF-4:

DELUXE ROOM DIVIDERS			6 x 4			6 x 6			6 x 8
Porcelain Markerboard both sides			660AD-DD	150 lbs	$818.90	660 AG-DD	216 lbs	$1,074.99	660AH-DD	280 lbs	$1,313.97
Porcelain Markerboard - Natural Cork		660AD-DC	150 lbs	$751.07	660AG-DC	216 lbs	$948.68	660AH-DC	280 lbs	$1,194.69
White Plastic Markerboard both sides		660AD-AA	110 lbs	$568.58	660AG-AA	156 lbs	$698.67	660AH-AA	200 lbs	$827.30
White Plastic Markerboard - Natural Cork		660AD-AC	110 lbs	$617.19	660AG-AC	156 lbs	$752.22	660AH-AC	200 lbs	$898.80
Porcelain Markerboard - Vinyl  Covered Cork Tackboard	660AD-DG	150 lbs	$769.65	660AG-DG	216 lbs	$1,000.02	660AH-DG	280 lbs	$1,230.29
Mark - Rite Markerboard - Vinyl  Covered Cork Tackboard660AD-BG	110 lbs	$630.11	660AG-BG	156 lbs	$752.22	660AH-BG	200 lbs	$919.38
Natural Cork both sides			660AD-CC	110 lbs	$655.73	660AG-CC	156 lbs	$816.48	660AH-CC	200 lbs	$977.24