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Four (4) sizes are available in CLEAR only.
Laser/lnkJet compatible inserts are included with
printing instructions.
Standard Packaging: Fifty (50) per box or
Twenty-five (25) per box.
SUPERSCAN® Backings and Paper inserts provided with each box. Samples sent are finished product, w/ backings attached.  Actual material shipped will not have backings attached, you must attach.
SUPERSCAN® GOLD: Backings come already factory attached.   A minimum of 250 pcs is required for custom sizes.
SUPERSCAN® Can you image your entire facility coming to a grinding halt because you didn't use SUPERSCAN®? Well, if your scanners can't accurately read the bar codes, you have problems.

These tough, extra-large bar code label holders help prevent damage to valuable bar codes during storage and distribution. They protect against dust, abrasion, humidity, even chemicals and light.

A special matte finish assures accurate bar code reading…every time! SUPERSCAN® is made from a sturdy matte finished plastic to eliminate glare. Choose from self-adhesive, magnetic or hook & loop backings. Ample paper samples provided.