Black Marker Boards for Neon and Color Markers

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All Three Surfaces work with both Neon dry erase markers where you wipe them off and Paint sticks that are wet erase.    Colored Chalk can also be used on the Chalkboard material


Fluorescent Markers at Markers Sanford Bright Sticks
Zig Markers
Bright Light wet erase work great on Black melamine
Description: SAN 14075
Five brilliant colors wipe off with a damp cloth. Use on black marker boards, fluorescent light boards or glass. Colors appear neon under black or fluorescent lamps. Certified AP nontoxic.
Black Dry Erase Markerboard

Jet-black melamine writing surface with five brilliant Glo-Write¨ markers: yellow, sky blue, snow white, lime green and hot pink.

  • Creates a vivid, eye-catching look; messages appear as if they are illuminated.
  • 36w x 24h. Shpg. wt. 7 lbs.
  • $99.95
  • QRT-S519