Lynn Manufacturer has closed the only available letters are from Claridge & Aarco.

Aarco letters below

Letters for all type of letter boards and directories, Number kits, letter kits, and text based mixes available.  Tab type for felt and plastic grooved boards as will as magnetic letter kits available.
Roman, Gothic and Helvetica Font Examples in Lynn Letters
We have many sources for letters for your directory boards.    Various sizes and fonts.   See index below.
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letters in lettebox for ease of use

Important Felt letters do not work in Plastic boards

Indoff Distributes the Following Letters

Aarco Letters and Graphics

Bulletin Boards
Letters and Numbers
Helvetica Quick Change
Injection molded white letter and number fonts offer a complete assortment of characters to make your messages come alive.
Size Quantity Model# Price
1/2" 170 F.50 $21.45 
3/4" 180 F.75 $24.00
1" 180 F1.0 $28.74
1 1/2" 200 F1.5 $42.90
2" 300   F2.0 $163.05
Click here for the font breakdown (There are 2 pages)
Claridge Letters for Directories for general magnetic items such as circles, arrows and tags click here
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