Veneer Conference Room Cabinets

A complement to any conference room, choose traditionally finished solid wood cabinets in walnut, mahogany, and oak, or select a black finished solid wood cabinet for a dramatic impact in any contemporary setting.The doors feature radius edges, full-length brass hinges, a pad holder and magnetic closures.The interior features two fabric-covered tacking surfaces and a porcelain on steel writing board. A matte white retractable fiberglass screen provides sharp, clear images for projections. Mounting system included.      The Surface is P3 low gloss material suitable to project on and then mark up the image with a dry-erase pen.

Catalog and size  Veneer Description     list price 01/03 weight UPS/Truck
841 3' x 3'  Mahogany Veneer discontinued   truck
842 3' x 3'  Walnut Veneer discontinued   truck
843 3' x 3'  Oak Veneer discontinued    truck
844 3' x 3'  Black Veneer discontinued truck
851 4' x 4'  Mahogany Veneer $1,794.95 truck
852 4' x 4'  Walnut Veneer $1,794.95 truck
853 4' x 4'  Oak Veneer $1,794.95 truck
854 4' x 4'   Black Veneer     $1,794.95    truck
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