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Prestige Bulletin Boards by 

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Orders under $200 list add $30 small order charge
Prestige is Quartets new line of Premium - Hi-Tech and Classy Dry-Erase and Bulletin boards.  They have new frames and new surface materials.  They have a wide mix of  combinations  - full details on on the price page   and material overview here =>  frame styles and bulletin board surfaces      For Whiteboards go to Prestige-White
Bulletin Boards
the new frames are also being used to hold a new mix of great looking non-traditional Hi-tech bulletin board surfaces
Gray or Tan Sueded Fabric
Gray Fabric Tan Fabric Tan Fabric  
Mahogany Frame Mahogany Frame Graphite  
BG453M BT453M BT453G  
Color Cork Bulletin Boards with Prestige Select Frames
Light Cherry Graphite    
B243LC  B243G    
Black Embossed Foam
Aluminum Titanium Euro Graphite Frame  
B343A B363T B342G  
    only as add-on 24" x 12"  
Fabric Tackable Surface Grey Diamond Mesh Fabric
Aluminum Mahogany    
B443A B443M    


Combo Boards - and add on Sections
Black Embossed Foam And Total Erase Whiteboard in Prestige Select Frame Total Erase Whiteboard in Graphite Frame Black Embossed Foam in Graphite Frame
Graphite Select Frame Graphite Select Frame Graphite Select Frame
BTE643A TE542G B342G
just a 3' x 2' just a  2' tall by 1' wide just a  2' tall by 1' wide
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