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Magnetic Write-on Symbols

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     We can also custom make these in quantity with shapes, color and printing with a 1 year dry erase
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Magnetic Write-on Symbols

Write directly on magnetic shapes for warehouse operations  These below are wet erase only

Ideal for inventory, quality control,
and other warehouse functions

1/32" thick magnet in 11 colors

Write-on surface using Damp
Erase Pens only

Circles, squares, triangles, arrows,
numbers, letters and many other
computer precision cut designs

magnetic write-on symbols in shapes, characters and colors
Pictured: Magnet # MWS3X3
Symbol Magnet Uses


magnetic circle and square  
# MWS2X2
   Choice of 11 colors: white, yellow, orange, green, blue, red, brown, silver, gold, ivory, black
       Write-on inventory counts, inspection initials, dates and more onto racks, steel cabinets
       Use letters, numbers, arrows, stars and other shapes as indicators



Symbol Size
H " x L"
Part #
1" x 1" shape 25 MS1X1 28.00
2" x 2" shape 25 MS2X2 63.00
3" x 3" shape 25 MS3X3 110.25
4" x 4" shape 25 MS4X4 140.00
* Write-on surface for Damp Erase Pens only

Please Call for large Quantity Pricing - we have the best pricing on big jobs
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