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Use magnetic data card holders and flexible magnetic strip are used to keep track of inventory or stock. These handy magnets are perfect for use in warehouses, stores and stockrooms that are equipped with metal shelving units.
Magnetic Flexible Label Holder
easy write down on labels
  • Flexible magnetic strip with vinyl coating (vinyl coating on one side, magnetic on the other).
  • Flexible magnetic strip, available plain or with adhesive backing.
  • Flexible magnetic data card holders. These pre-formed magnetic channels are designed to hold pre-printed or handwritten data cards that can be paper thin up to 1/32" thick and 3/8", 13/16", 1-5/8" or 3" wide. Data cards are available at office supply stores. Use 3" x 5" index cards on RE90 mater
Part No. Dimensions/Inches
A B C D Price
RE20 0.825 0.650 0.950 0.125 $57.75
RE40 1.600 1.475 1.830 0.125 $118.13
RE90 3.015 2.820 3.130 0.140 $204.75

All the Above Rolls are all 50' long

KEY: A = Width of channel;  B = Viewing area;  C = Overall Width;   D = Overall Thickness

inventory label holder

There is a $60 min order requirement