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Lets see how lumens per watt which AEF excels at is so important!   

AEF efficiency of lumens per watt makes them 48% better in lumens per dollar

Letts take CT at $.15 per kilowatt hour
lets take one of our 24 watt high output bulbs that puts out 3,698 lumens
Lets assume ours and someone else bulb lasts 50,000 hours

    24 watt AEF High output competitor
  watts used 23.4 actual 16
  kwh over life 1170 kwh 800 KWH
  electric cost over life $175.50 $120
  lumens out 3698 1700
  lumens per watt 158 106
  lumen-hours over life 185 million 85 million
  millions of lumens per $ of electricity 1.05 .71