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MagnaMedia™ - Invisilock™
Interchangeable and Changeable Dry Erase & Graphics System

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MagnaMedia™-Invisilock™  Is our newest printed dry erase system that not only lets you display stunning graphics but lets you combine it with dry erase, projection  and graphic displays.


1> Invisilock™ 1st component - is a strong magnetic base sheet that can be mounted to wall by many methods including directly or with framing.  Available as 2 sided (use over steel or magnetic paint) in single sided with a PSA back to apply anywhere even on Glass.

2> Magnamedia™  2nd Component - We 4-color print on the Magnetic Receptive Magnamedia™ roll.  We then apply either a quality liquid dry erase surface or our dry erase DaPlus film creating a surface that adheres to the Invisilock™.   The Magnamedia™ can be layered and stored 2 or 3 deep on the Invisilock

Invisilock™ MagnaMedia Hospital Brochure

Disinfectants Cleaning Warrantee


Ways to use the MagnaMedia™-Invisilock™ system

Boards Framed:
1.  Buy a Framed Invisilock™ board and attach Magnamedia™™ sheets for a changeable dry erase board

     2. Retrofit existing steel board- Double sided Invisilock + Magnamedia creates a totally removable system
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      3  Retrofit existing non steel boards.  Invisilock PSA covers surface and accepts  MagnaMedia -.                             Pricing      Picture Page    Video1   video2


Complete Walls:
1. Make a Complete Wall or large area into a great graphic or a printed dry erase surface
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Invisilock™ Main Picture Gallery
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Invisilock™ Main Picture Gallery

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