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Invisilock™ +Magnamedia
Interchangeable and Changeable Dry Erase & Graphics for Steel Boards

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Invisilock™  our Magnamedia Overlay lets you turn your already great steel dry erase board into an interchangeable great dry erase surface that will be able to handle department overflows and multiple languages with ease.

The Invisilock™ Hospital board system is composed of two or three parts

1> Invisilock™ 1st component is a double sided magnetic base sheet that quickly attaches and is removed from your existing steel dry erase board.

2> Magnamedia™ We custom print on a IPDEMRFS Interchangeable Printed Dry Erase Magnetic Receptive Finish Sheets which can then be layered and or easily swapped as top
layers held by our Invisilock base    

Please Watch video below!  note try link 2. if 1. does not work or vice versa




Video on left will show you our Interchangeable surface for ours or others steel dry Erase Boards
1. Embedded video

2. You tube version for iphones


Invisilock™ Main Gallery


Invisilock™ Main Gallery

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