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Retrofitting Existing Boards with Graphics

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Methods we offer to totally redo and renew existing  framed boards wither printed or non printed to make them custom printed dry erase.   All these options offer superior dry erase with magnetic receptivity. 
For quick price comparison between 5 options below see RETRO-COMPARE

1.  Filmed Steel Skin cut to size to overlay old dry erase surface.   Will work on uneven surfaces that are either steel or non magnetic.   Steel skin needs to be permanently glued to old surface.   This is priced from our skin only prices at hospital boards (there is an additional shearing charge).

2.  MagnaMedia™ + single sided PSA coated Invisilock™    This Invisilock can be used on steel or non-steel surfaces and the Invisilock™    is pretty much on forever even thought the MagnaMedia™  is interchangeable
see RETRO-PSA   also see PSA dry erase


3.  MagnaMedia™ + double sided Invisilock™   This double sided Invisilock can can only be used on steel surfaces.

Note 1,2 and 3 Above allow you to keep existing frame and not have to remove it!

Video-Retrofit - showing existing EZ-Hang retrofited with Double sided Invisilock+Magnamedia
System Available Today - Rough pricing below at #3

All Videos show each =>   Retrofit   Invisilock Framed  Full Wall

Relative Comparison of Brand new and retrofit 24x36 50 pieces   ***prices updated 7/12
For exact pricing see 

your cost per board based on 50 piece order excluding labor for retrofitting  24"x36" made into as new custom printed dry erase by the 3 methods above approximate insert size 21-3/16" by 33-3/16"
Method per sq ft Printed Price each Advantages Disadvantages
1. Filmed Skin with cuts $10.67 Yes $64 DaPlus proven Fixed Image
2. Single sided Invisilock + MagnaMedia $11.67 Yes $70 Interchangeable  
2a  Single sided Invisilock only no Magnamedia $2.66 NO $16 add $2.00 we cut  
3.  Double sided Invisilock + MagnaMedia $12.70 Yes $84 Interchangeable only for steel board
3a Double sided Invisilock only no Magnamedia $5.00 NO $30 add $2.00 we cut  
4.  New printed  Plastic framed complete




  Fixed Image
5.  New printed EZ-Hang Complete




  Fixed Image
6  New Invisilock base in Ohio no image $11.17 NO $45    
7. Magnamedia only-Cover for Invisilock $9.00 Yes $54 Printed+magR+DryE  
8.  6&7 combined - a complete interchangeable unit $16.50 Yes $99    
9.  Non Printed Dry Erase Mag Receptive overlay $5.50 NO $16.50 IVM-48-MDE  
10. Projectable Mag Receptive  Not dry Erase not printed $4.00? NO   available  


                  Method 1 above shown below                                    

This Project was done by Rogue Valley in Medford Oregon

They had existing wood framed boards that originally were just white.   They then put on vinyl letters as shown in before picture.   The letters kept coming off so they wanted a permanent solution.

We sold them steel pre-printed skins cut to 14" x 46" which they then glued over existing board.   Note they did not want color even thoght color and images are the same price.   This saved their existing units at a very reasonable price of $72  per skin.  High price based on odd size

see Tolerance page before ordering!

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