K  8.5" x 11" Dry Erase Boards  
Economy magnetic models high volume

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High Volume with steel shim in it to make it magnetically receptive


very special order


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Stiffness of RL, Mirage and other tablets

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8.5 x 11 printed magnetic dry erase tablets on chipboard
These can be full four color Litho or digital prining

This is 4 part board that requires a large quantity to get into low pricing.
it has been priced out for a 10,000 piece job of 8.5 x 11

  • Layer one is  50 or 100 point white chipboard

  • Next we laminate on a .015" steel shimstock

  • Then we laminate on a 80 lb printed sheet of paper

  • Then we laminate on a thin dry erase film.

  • and trim to size

  • rounded corners with the steel inside are **not sure**

  • Last pricing on 04 had a use price of around $2.00


model # size Quantity Image image sheet price each set-up per order
K-series 8.5 x 11          
K-series 8.5 x 11