This is our custom made 4 month planner based an a discontinued Quartet design for their models 6541G and 6531G.   Our board is printed via die-sublimation so the full color printing can not wear off.

We offer the 4 month planner a 4' by 3' standard size.

Hardboard version is on square cut 1/4" hardboard and must be glued, screwed or velcrowed to wall

Magnetic on Steel version can be bought as a skin only or backed with 1/4" HB and framed.

other 4 month options at  Calendars

Program layout provides four months of planning capability at a time. Perpetual calendar rolls over each month, showing the current month plus three months into the future.    updated 5/24/05

Catalog #  Size for 1  2+    
P/N Wide  x High Cost   type  
4cal-44-hb 44"  x 34" $256 $192 non-magnetic hardboard - no frame UPSable
      44 x 34 will have day boxes approx  2.25" tall x 2.5" wide
to add Printed Months and your logo add $50 per board
4cal-4x3-hb 47" x 36" $256 $192 non-magnetic hardboard - no frame  
4cal-4x3-S-skin 47" x 36" $268 $201 steel skin only  
4cal-4x3-S-framed 47" x 36" $374 $307 steel with alum frame  
4cal-4x3-S-framed 47" x 36" $128 50 or more steel with alum frame  
     updated 5/24/05
This is what the frame will look like of get steel framed