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To make your board search easier I have set up some similar boards grouped by features based on definitions below.   
"selfPrint" Built in printer or print w/o PC connected   Plain for plain paper , thermal for thermal
"ColorPrint"  built in no pc needed color output
"Color Capable"  image stored in PC in color
"Type"  see picking by function  which explains function
"No Bd"  units work with existing dry erase boards- i.e. there is no board to write on


This Chart is meant to be a general guide and is not the final answer on specifications or price!!
Brand Model SelfPrint Color
size writing HxW Type Sell $ Transfer Special
TeamBoard TMWN80 No   Yes 60" x 80" Interactive $3,800 USB  
TeamBoard TMWN60 No   Yes 48" x 60" Interactive $1,980 USB  
TeamBoard TMWN48 No   Yes 36" x 48" Interactive $1,590 USB  
TeamBoard TMWN31 No   Yes 31" x 25" Interactive $1,090 USB  
Webster CopyCamSI Plain Yes   to 4' x 8' Copy $2,399 none No Bd
Webster CopyCam Plain Yes   to 4' x 8' Copy $2,665 Ethernet No Bd
Webster TS-400 No No Yes 35" x 45"   $1,132 Serial  
Webster TS-600 No No Yes 43" x 65"   $1,332 Serial  
Webster TS-800 No No Yes 43" x 95" Interactive $1,732 Serial  
Quartet ideaShare
No No Yes ~3' x 4' Interactive $2245 USB free frt
Quartet ideaShare
No No Yes ~ 4' x 6' Interactive $2695 USB free frt
Quartet Q8000 No No Yes  4' x 6' Interactive $700 USB No Bd
Panaboard UB 5310 Thermal No   35" x 50" Copy $1,193 USB  
Panaboard UB 5315 Plain No   35" x 50" Copy $1,360 USB UPsable
Panaboard UB 5810 Plain No   33.5" x 63.5" Copy $1,666 USB  
Panaboard KX-BP800 Plain No Yes 35.4" x 55.1" Both ++ $2,465 Serial  
Panaboard KX-B735 Plain No   33.5" x 52" Copy $1,852 option kit 4-panel
Plus M-10S Plain Yes   36" x 51" Copy $1,595 Compactflash  
Plus M-10W Plain Yes   36" x 70" Copy $1,895 Compactflash  
Plus Pointech No     43" x 60" Interactive $1,929 Serial  
E-beam EBS3 No No Yes to 4' x 6' Interactive $675 USB No Bd