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RUSH orders are only accepted if the production schedule allows. Once the order is placed there are NO changes allowed. 

RUSH orders are limited to vendor specific orders. 

RUSH orders need to generally be in by 10 am.  You must contact US PRIOR to placing a RUSH order so we can see if we can accommodate you.

we will add a 25% up charge due to all the extra time involved!!

Potential for Not Happening can be high.  We personally do not complete all the steps.  We are not responsible for the carrier.  All rush orders will ship collect. Which mean ups, fed-ex or the common carrier will bill you directly.  

Who pays for cost problems when it does not get there?  Since all RUSH orders will ship collect you will have to take up any freight issues w/ the carrier yourself because they are billing you.


DO NOT set up an installation prior to having the material.  Some materials require 24 hours to acclimate.



**Very Important**
Freight Damage
talk to us about liability for damage
mailing address for orders -- not the FOB point

Indoff - CT
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Contact Allen Hutton  or fax to 860-632-2028