Anti-graffiti Protection
Why not provide a surface that will wear well but allows Graffiti and is super easy to clean???indoff.jpg (10361 bytes)
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Indoff Distributes These Dry-Erase Wall-coverings
that will also function as anti-Graffiti Surfaces
We have a range of dry-erase surfaces that will let "artists" express themselves on an approved surface and allow for easy cleanup.    Just about all our dry erase surfaces will work but some are more indestructible than others.    I have listed them by overall resistance to vandalism over and above just writing.    Also within this lint there are Magnetic surfaces so besides writing you can also provide a magnetic tack board.
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Ceramic over Steel - almost indestructible Alliance P3   white grey and beige
Ceramic over Steel - almost indestructible Claridge LCS  5 colors
Very hard Plastic - tuff but not ceramic MarkaBoard 
MarkaRace for white
MarkaSub let us print any pattern or Photo you desire from Marble to the Mona Lisa
great  surface but can be cut with a knife -
probably to soft for this application
MarkaWall  white and designer colors and patterns
Also see Tackable Wallcoverings