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Panels may be mounted with edge trim, clips or mechanical fasteners (nails or screws) and adhesive. Adhesive should be used because the panels can warp if not held permanently flat to the wall.

Panels may be mounted with adhesive only.

If your installer wishes to use only adhesive the adhesive chosen should have a sufficient initial bond to keep the panel in place until the adhesive sets up or supports and props should be used to keep the panels from sliding down or separating from the wall surface.

We would recommend Henry 237 Acoustigum because it is readily available, water based and has a good initial bond. Manufacturers instructions should be followed. Henry's recommends placing a walnut size glob every 12" on center.

They may want to use a temporary support at least at the bottom to ensure the panel weight is supported until the adhesive sets up if the panel size is large. a few well placed finishing nails will work as well as wood blocks and moldings.

Construction adhesives may be used but should be tested first. Some solvent based adhesives may interact with the laminating adhesives in a negative way and cause a failure of the adhesive between the cork and the fiberboard. In the event the board is covered with vinyl adhesive solvents may cause blistering of the vinyl surface which may go away when the solvent dissipates but the lamination of the vinyl to the board may be permanently damaged in the affected spots.

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