Natural Cork Installation & Adhesives
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Natural Cork 

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For Colored Cork installation

Natural cork is not as hard to install as the colored cork because it is both lighter in weight, more flexible and does not take a have a memory where it takes a set from being in a roll.

Recommended Adhesives for Natural Cork

Commercial grade contact adhesives are generally the better choice than the trowel able adhesives like the L-910.   If you are very experienced you can use the L-910 but if your timing is off you can have the adhesive dry before adhering to wall.   With Contact adhesives you tend to have more leeway.  Solvent or water based are mostly your preference with the water base taking more time to set.     


The L910 adhesive is a SBR solvent free adhesive.   Not dangerous can ship UPS Next Day Air without a problem.   see MSDS sheet at msds/ForboL910.pdf

Examples of good contact adhesives would be Formica brand for Formica countertops or ConBon by Tac #2466