Custom Stain for Bulletin Board Cabinets

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Stain Colors

Points To Understand When Doing A Custom Stain
Chips will go to Indoff unless you give us a UPS or FEDEX act number and want to pay for expedited shipping.  Otherwise ups grnd or priority mail will be used
No work starts until the stain is approved
Keep a piece of chip that you want us to match for yourself original will not be mailed back
We need definitive direction w/ the stain. Saying 1/2 a shade darker will not help
Stain Charge is non-refundable even if you chose to go w/ a standard color and not have the unit custom matched
Common stain colors can be sent as samples  see pg 33
Lead time starts after the stain is approved
Stain lead time usually takes 3wks if everything goes perfect and we use expedited shipping
Units can be made unstained and will take about 4wks lead time.  You can then have local person stain the unit for you.
If lead time is critical on stained units go with unstained and have stain done locally