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All about covering a wall with whiteboards

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Lead Times: Stock - GREEN P/N's are in Stock for 24 hour Quick-Ship     Black P/N's normally 6-7 weeks    see warehouse locations below

Custom Stain Matching:
Claridge will do this but it can be a long process.
1. You have to send color sample to Claridge
2: they will make up a match and send to you
3: you have to approve and send sample back to Claridge
--steps 1,2,3 can take 2-3 weeks
4. now production starts and can be 6-8 weeks

We take credit cards and PO's.   For PO's send us a credit sheet listing 3 trade references, Bank, Payables location, contact info etc

Volume and Quantity discounts for End-Users: click here
I have set up a discount schedule that applies to the $ volume of your Claridge order,  It increase with certain items by 10% if you order a quantity of the same item.  

Discounts for Resale:
If you have a valid resale tax certificate and we deem you to be truly buying for resale, Fax me info on your company, Website, Tax Certificate etc and we can send you a resale discount sheet.

LCS with printing on it has a 5 year warrantee per Claridge 9/7/05


See our cover Your Walls in Whiteboard pages Click here Shipped from 5 regional warehouses:
AR zip 72602
NY zip 10543
IL zip60067
CA zip 94577
TX zip 72234

Custom product is from AR only

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