Bulletin Board Specifications

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Differences in Claridge Boards
Commercial Vs Architectural line



Commercial Line is Fast delivery on many items 
and Architectural is all a long lead time

Series of board

Line Type


Face Material

Core material

Series 3   1-1/4" wide      
Series 4 * Architectural   5/8 wide   1/4" Nucork 1/4" Single Ply 

Series 800*


5/8 wide

1/8" Nucork

3/8 Duracor Only


Note*  the Series 4 Series 800 all use exactly the same trim.   The difference being that the series Nucork Thickness and the backing behind the Nucork.

 Also note ALL Architectural units take 6-12 weeks.   Many Commercial units can ship today from stock. see page 04   or page 28 for Nucork Pricing  
for Claridge Cork see 30   for other tackable Surfaces see Tackable

what is Duracor vs hardboard and Particle Board

Tan Nucork, a pure grain natural cork, offers an economical tack surface wherever bulletin boards are required. Available mounted or unmounted in both 1/4" and 1/8" thicknesses.
(1/4" fire-rated Nucork also available)
Features - Smooth resilient surface remains soft and pliable
Pins and thumbtacks can be inserted easily and are gripped firmly
Meets Military Spec MIL-C-15116, Type II
what is Duracor vs hardboard and Particle Board