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The problem with our standard board for Psych Units is that

   1.  if taken apart all of them have square cut steel in them would could be dangerous if in the wrong hands so even if our frame had rounded corners, the parts could be a problem.


We also make custom full color printed dry erase boards on 1/8" thick Masonite, these have nicely rounded corners and beveled edges and we have sold them to many psych units.
These can be screwed into wall with security screws.  Weight is .5 lbs / sq ft.

The downside to our  Masonite boards is they do not take magnets, the surface cannot take DaPlus so disinfectants will degrade surface and they don't look as nice as a framed board.
can be made almost any size up to 47" by 95" Material is like a brown clipboard,
see sizes for common pre-cut sizes
we also have a standard 23" x18" which is a good size for this use

We have samples to show you and send if interested.

Also if unprinted is needed we can sell you our dry erase wallpaper
or if large printed sizes in the Masonite get to costly we can make Overlays that are dry erase up to 50" x 96",  These overlays can go directly on a perfectly smooth wall


here is one we did for a psych unit at 18x23
Click picture foe full size

We also can make a Plaque style and round the corners