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Overlays for Dry Erase boards
by a Printed Steel Skin

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Magnet Peel & Stick Steel Skin DaPlus10 Overlay

We specialize in dry erase.   This is one method to redo a board but look at Overlays for all your options
 ***Also this might be the time to consider a new board
 with the ability to be be changed quickly see COAF


This Project was done by Rogue Valley in Medford Oregon

They had existing wood framed boards that originally were just white.   They then put on vinyl letters as shown in before picture.   The letters kept coming off so they wanted a permanent solution.

We sold them steel pre-printed skins cut to 14" x 46" which they then glued over existing board.   Note they did not want color even thought color and images are the same price.   This saved their existing units at a very reasonable price of $72  per skin.  High price based on odd size

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  Overlays and full hospital boards have the same graphics.

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