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3 sided Mobile Whiteboards

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Aluminum Framed Boards  
fit a 4' by 6' board in 2' space
Three Sided Rotating Mobile Printed Dry Erase
Surface is steel so they take magnets
Panels can be left blank or fully 4 color printed
On Casters that can be locked or left free to rotate
See Sheet Pockets to hold printed sheets on boards
Price Sheet call Allen x 111

We also sell magnets and magnetic sheet holders to outfit the boards
Also see our new 4 sided model the QP12242

Actual Production Pictures

P/N QP10841
three 4'x2' panels
Prices of QP10841

3 sided much cleaner look
Better for Hospital Surgery
But more expensive

P/N QP-Lean3
Three 4' by 2' panels
Call for price





About Our Boards and US!
Indoff CT is a master at producing quality custom printed dry erase boards. 

Remember Pricing on web is List and does not include resale and volume discounts   10/25/2019