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Example of our Aluminum framed OAF board

We are offering this board on our MarkaSubSteel superior dry-erase surface in magnetic steel.   All are FOB Ohio.   Our actual board will will look like the top picture (in magnetic framed version) with either unlimited layout options.   
These boards are basically our COAF Aluminum framed printed steel boards
with no layout charge based on 50 piece price without film they have a 6 year warranty with film its 20 years
 and will be much better with use.
Custom Logo or organization to standards mostly free, call if needed.  
Plastic Trays are $3 per ft

We can make it any way you need it see  1, 2-3-4-5-10,    6,   12 month layouts
Use pricing below for one to five boards

Model # Size overall
H x wide
All have our Ohio Aluminum Frames Shipping No Film with
DaPlus Film
CGW-C-18x24 18"x24"  18"x24" UPS $51 $60
CGW-C-24x24 24"x24"   24"x24" UPS $60 $75
CGW-C-24x30 24"x30"  2'x30" UPS $67 $83
CGW-C-24x36  24"x36"  2'x3' UPS $75 $93
CGW-C-24x48  24"x48" or
 2'x4' UPS $104 $127
CGW-C-36x48 36" tall x
48" wide
    36x48 pricing Truck $146 $182
CGW-C-48x48  48"x48"  4'x4 Truck $198 $245
CGW-C-48x60 48" tall x
60" wide
    4x5 pricing Truck $243 $297
CGW-C-48x72 48" tall x
72" wide
   4x6' Truck $306 $376
CGW-C-48x84 48" tall x
84" wide
   4x7' Truck $383 $473
CGW-C-48x96 48" tall x
96" wide

Truck $486 $580
 Boards below are priced as showing the cost for two.  Overall width will be up to 1/2" over nominal
done as two 5' boards
24" tall x
120" wide
2x10' from Two 2'x5' 6 month calendars Truck $278 $334
done as two 5' boards
48" tall x
120" wide
4x10' from Two 4'x5' 6 month calendars Truck $486 $594
done as two 6' boards
24" tall x
144" wide
2x12' from Two 2'x6' 6 month calendars Truck $302 $374
done as two 6' boards
48" tall x
144" wide
4x12' from Two 4'x6' 6 month calendars Truck $612 $752
done as two 7' boards
48" tall x
168" wide
4x14' from Two 4'x7' 6 month calendars Truck $766 $946
done as two 8' boards
48" tall x
192" wide
4x16' from Two 4'x8' 6 month calendars Truck $972 $1,160

updated 11/28/2018