Markerboards / Porcelain On Steel Writing Boards
Aarco Products' Porcelain on steel markerboards feature a white ceramic
finish permanently baked to a steel substrate at temperatures so high they actually melt together.

Both are built to last and are equipped with factory attached mounting hangers. All tray edges are sanded and polished to a safe smooth radius. For sizes and profiles, refer to page 10.
Size Red Oak Aluminum
Price Frame Price
H & W Model# Model#
18 x 24 WOS1824 $58.43 WDS1824 $60.40
24 x 36 WOS2436 $102.30 WDS2436 $109.15
36 x 48 WOS3648 $186.95 WDS3648 $196.30
36 x 60 WOS3660 $284.56 WDS3660 $275.56
48 x 60 WOS4860 $323.42 WDS4860 $339.75
48 x 72 WOS4872 $381.51 WDS4872 $375.66
48 x 96 WOS4896 $499.31 WDS4896 $500.52
48 x 120 WOS48120 $633.12 WDS48120 $566.88
48 x 144 WOS48144 $738.22 WDS48144 $650.11
Precise temperature control keeps shine to a minimum thereby reducing glare. Superior writing and erasing qualities make porcelain the best markerboard available. The steel substrate lets you use magnets for posting papers and illustrations. We are so confident of the
quality of our porcelain enamel surface it's guaranteed for 50 years.
Choose either our North American Red Oak frames and tray, finished with high gloss clear lacquer, or our
aluminum frames, with a satin anodized finished.

Note:Add the letter A at the end of the model # to indicate 4 assorted markers and one eraser. Example: WOC4872A