"Marq One" Series
All Aarco Marquee units are constructed of heavy duty aluminum extrusions, satin anodized for
long outdoor life.
The "Marq ONE" series is a top lite design unit 110 volts
featuring UL approved electrical components and space age polycarbonate. Exclusive removable message panel makes letter changing easy.
Doors open from the bottom on non-rust,
continuous hinges and remain in the open position with locking steel brackets (See figure 1). Wall mounting is easy with our integral wall mounted brackets.
Two heavy duty keyed alike cam locks maintain security and fully galvanized 28 gauge steel sheet rear panel keeps this product sturdy and damage free. A giant 11" high Header is custom lettered with your personal inscription.
The superior finish of all exterior parts stands up to graffiti resistant solvents.
Each unit is vented to eliminate moisture build-up inside the cabinet.
This assures greater visibility and longer life.

Optional features include lawn standards which are easily attached with hardened steel threaded inserts. to reduce
vandalism no fasteners are exposed. Custom Headers (Logos) are also available. See page 23.

All units include a removable 5 line message panel and more than 500 assorted high visibility 5" letters that are clearly viewable from over 180 feet.
 "Marq Two" Series
Double sided versions have all the great features of the Marq One with a double face rear lite design.
Removable message panels reveal fluorescent bulbs for fast convenient replacement. No tools necessary.
Marq Two series include 1000 assorted letters and symbols.
Single Sided: 4" deep
MBS Series features Symbol Case and Header
Size   Model Price Ctn. Wt.
  H X W Number   Lbs. Finish
50 x 84 MBS5084 $3000.00 175 Satin Anodized
50 x 84 MBS5084B $3100.00 175 Bronze Anodized
MBM Series features Header only
50 x 70 MBM5070 $2550.00 125 Satin Anodized
50 x 70 MBM5070B $2650.00 125 Bronze Anodized
Double Sided: 6" deep
DMBS Series features Symbol Case and Header
Size Model Price Ctn. Wt.
H X W Number Lbs. Finish
52 x 86 DMBS5286 $4394.50 285 Satin Anodized
52 x 86 DMBS5286B $4724.50 285 Bronze Anodized
DMBM Series features Header only-no symbol case
Price wt
52 x 72 DMBM5272 $3844.50 250 Satin Anodized
52 x 72 DMBM5272B $4175.00 250 Bronze Anodized
Lawn Posts and Extra Letters:
2 x 4 x 96 BM2 x 4 $439.92 55 Satin Anodized
2 x 4 x 96 BM2 x 4B $527.90 125 Bronze Anodized
Letter Set 500 Pieces $200.00 5" black letters

See page 23 for header type selection, standard typeface is
Clear Gothic. 4" lawn post are recomended for double sided units.

Sun Sensor automatic On/Off switch
Model # ALS-18 $$175.00