Easels and Flip Charts
Presentation Makers
Make presentations effectively and easily with Aarco Products' lightweight aluminum folding and telescopic "Presentation Makers". Choose either a green composition chalkboard or a melamine markerboard. Combine it with our telescopic legs that fold for easy storage. When retracted it reduces to table top height. Top of unit is equipped with our spring loaded aluminum chart clamp. This unique design holds any size chart pads under spring loaded tension. No holes are required in pads. Units include full lengths chalk or marker rail. Overall size is 27" wide x 34" high.
FL-1 Chalkboard
FL-2 Markerboard

Aarco Products' aluminum spring loaded T-Clamp easily mounts to the AE66 Easel to create a portable flip chart. "T-Clamp" is easy to use because it requires no tools and supports one sheet of paper as easily as a 50 sheet easel pad

(See figure 1).

Figure 1

Figure 2
Aluminum Telescopic
Display Easel
Aarco Products' aluminum telescopic display easel is lightweight and fun to use. Legs easily retract by rotating our inline tension knobs. This feature allows the legs to be adjusted to any desired height. When fully extended, the easel stands 66" high. When fully retracted a mere 35" in height and is perfect for table top use.
Great for show cards, advertising signs, chalkboards, photographs or any advertising media.
The easel top has 2 threaded inserts permitting easy attachment of accessories using simple thumb screws
(See figure 2).

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